Friday, 12 March 2010

Dishwashers, weekends and paper mache

So, today has marked a turning point in my life. I feel like something has happened that will be a start of something good.

We have a dishwasher.

I know this may sound like a small thing, and in reality, it probably is. For me though, it's a little miracle. I will finally be free of the shackles of dish washing. No more will I base my meals around the time it will take me to clean up afterwards. No longer will I become so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of mess in the kitchen that I submit to apathy and stop tidying up after myself all together.

I can invite people over, and not dread them seeing the squalor I sometimes feel I live in.

Basically, I'm a happy bunny.

This weekend should be fun as well. There's no overtime tomorrow, so I have the day off. Ric will be at work, so I'm home alone for the day. What will I do with my time you ask? Why, I'll do what all 21 year old gay men would do with a saturday to themselves. I'll papier mache of course.

At work, we have weekly recognition events. This is done through the medium of nomination slips that go into a nominations box. Our current box is a rather tired looking thing that could use a revamp.
I decided a plain ol' box-with-a-slot wasn't enough, so I'm going to make us a Weeble. A Weeble is a small, furry creature with a big head and even bigger mouth. Their mouths open to reveal a deep cavity for nomination slips. Or something.

I'll work it out in the mache. It'll make more sense in person, I'm sure of it. I'm also adamant that I will actually go through with this. And take pictures. And upload them.

I'm aware I am insane.

I'm also determined that I will get the living room show room tidy this weekend and take the pictures I've been taking since we moved in. Nearly two years ago. We've worked damned hard to get the living room to look as nice as it does and I want to show it off. I'm proud of my little green room and want to share it with the world!

This should be a productive weekend indeed.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New Year (ish) New Blog

Well, seeing as it's almost 2 years to the day since I last started a blog, I thought it time to start a new one.

I really want to keep up to this, I feel like it would be therapeutic to spill the random thoughts and observations I have from time to time. It would also be nice to get the kind of selfish validation that comes only from having a blog. A blog that people read and talk about and eventually gets turned into some form of romcom, probably starring Colin Firth and some blonde woman with a posh British Accent. I can dream right?

Anyway. I'm going to come up with some form of proper post before the weekend. This is just a preliminary blog opening post to make up numbers in the future.

Watch this space.