Sunday, 25 July 2010


Oh my god, I am trapped in my house!

This isn't a metaphor for personal angst or anything like that. I am actually locked in.
The Boy is at the Grandmother's today, in Maidenhead. That's roughly 2 million miles away and he's not due back until late this afternoon/evening. Being the security minded person he is, he's locked the one and only door into our little house.

He neglected to check the location of my keys, which are of course, in his car.

Claustrophobia is totally setting in. I'm not good in situations where I feel I can't escape. I mean, I'm in my own home, have plenty of things to do to keep me occupied and don't even really need to leave the house at all but that isn't helping the "OMG PANIC PANIC" feeling that's ripping through my chest.

Ugh, I guess I should go finish painting the bathroom. Just the glossing to do now and then it's pretty much finished.

I'm sure the walls just closed in a little. And was that a footstep I heard on the stairs?


Friday, 23 July 2010

I knew it

Ok, so I knew when I started this blog that I was likely to post once then forget my login details and never post again.


I am going to blog frequently. I will be a blogger. I blog, therefore I am. And that.

Time for the first proper blog post in a long line of posts to come.

In exactly one month, it will be my 22nd birthday. I'm reluctant to be overly joyous about this for a few reasons. Mainly, twenty two is such a non event birthday. It's past the big 2-1 and nothing as exciting as a decade milestone. I also alternate between feeling 12 and 40 on a regular basis so turning 22 seems quite irrelevant in the grand scheme of things.

The birthday though has allowed me to indulge in one of my various passions: Colour coordinated party decorations. I am in love with this site SERIOUSLY. I've just spent a scary amount of money on there buying balloons (300 of them...) and cutlery and plates and cups. All within the colour scheme of lime green, black and red. I personally think this scheme is going to look fantastic. I also dropped some cash on a pack of 20 LED tealights, which will be scattered around inside frosted jars as table lights, so when the sun goes down the place should glow in a very pretty way.

I cannot wait to decorate!

Speaking of decorating. Phase One of the grand Sort Life Out plan involves finishing the decorating of the house. Tomorrow we start with the bathroom, which has needed painting for almost as long as we've lived here. A tin of paint bought especially for this project has been gathering dust in the bathroom for slightly less time than that.

I will paint tomorrow and I will take pictures.

Exciting times :D