Sunday, 25 July 2010


Oh my god, I am trapped in my house!

This isn't a metaphor for personal angst or anything like that. I am actually locked in.
The Boy is at the Grandmother's today, in Maidenhead. That's roughly 2 million miles away and he's not due back until late this afternoon/evening. Being the security minded person he is, he's locked the one and only door into our little house.

He neglected to check the location of my keys, which are of course, in his car.

Claustrophobia is totally setting in. I'm not good in situations where I feel I can't escape. I mean, I'm in my own home, have plenty of things to do to keep me occupied and don't even really need to leave the house at all but that isn't helping the "OMG PANIC PANIC" feeling that's ripping through my chest.

Ugh, I guess I should go finish painting the bathroom. Just the glossing to do now and then it's pretty much finished.

I'm sure the walls just closed in a little. And was that a footstep I heard on the stairs?


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