Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Ebay is stealing my soul.

Ok, so since the break up, I seem to have taken on two challenges. Because I'm organised, I'll set them out neatly here.

Challenge One:
Become the world's fattest bastard.
Over the last two weeks, I've had enough curries, burgers, pizzas and deep fried things to make a pissed Mel Gibson feel sick. I can actually feel the weight piling on around my face.

So clearly, I intend to start single life as a lonely fat bastard with curry breath with dried cheese on his face. Excellent plan there self...

Challenge Two:
Spend all your money on ebay.
This one is totally for a good cause. As some of you may know (like, those of you in developed societies. How are you getting internet if you're in an undeveloped society by the way?), Halloween is coming up soon. (59 days, woohoo!) so obviously I'm getting my costume prepared now.

This year, I'm forgoing the vampire or zombie or sexy-to-me Neo-Victorian look in favour of a movie character. Not just any character though. The dragtastic Hedwig Robinson from Hedwig & The Angry Inch!

I have spent a small fortune so far but it's too addictive to stop. I think my costume will look fantastic though, so it's totes worth it. I'll post pics when I have it assembled.

My best friend M has also relented to doing drag with me, so I'm steadily pulling an Amy Winehouse costume together for him which will look fabulous when I'm finished.

I think I hear ebay calling me now actually, I need another 99p dress.

Later y'all.

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